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  • Monday 12:00 - 03:00
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 03:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 03:00
  • Thursday 12:00 - 03:00
  • Friday 12:00 - 03:00
  • Saturday 12:00 - 03:00
  • Sunday 12:00 - 03:00

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About the restaurant
I.I Chundrigar Branch closes at 12 AM, Not Deliver in North Nazimabad Block T after 12am KFC Do not deliver in North Nazimabad Block W, X, Y & Z, Do not deliver in Gulistan-e-Johar Block 1 - 11, Do not deliver in Gulshan Block 19 & Do not deliver in F.B Area Block 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 12 - 22

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Karachi, Karachi

The History of KFC Karachi

Years ago, Harland Sanders, a determined man with his very own fried chicken recipe, set up a small outlet, Sanders Court & Café at North Corbin in the state of Kentucky in the United States. Those who visited his small café to taste the fried chicken fell in love with the unique, tempting taste of juicy chicken pieces. His fried chicken recipe included eleven different spices and herbs, a recipe that KFC Karachi calls as the "Original Recipe Chicken." Proud of his special fried chicken and wanting to expand his business, Sanders approached many entrepreneurs which finally met with success. Today, after 70 unbelievable years, Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation has an estimate of 18,000 outlets in as many as 115 nations and territories. There are more than 60 outlets in 18 key cities like Lahore, Sukkur, Sial, Mangla and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Karachi, being Pakistan's biggest city, has around 21 outlets. With a motto of "We do chicken right" and a hygienic working environment, Karachi's fried chicken outlets provide delivery of the original or hot and spicy version of fried chicken and other meals to your place.

Save Money with Amazing KFC Deals

To enjoy the tantalising Kentucky Fried Chicken taste without worrying about leaving the house, simply click on to foodpanda to order any of the KFC deals in Karachi. Are you planning to celebrate your child's birthday? Then fried chicken meals from KFC Karachi is the answer. They are meant for any fun or festive occasions at home or office. Eating Colonel Sanders' chicken relaxes you, giving you a joyful and festive mood. Whether it is for a Christmas, New Year or some other special celebration, just use your smartphone, laptop or desktop to gain access to foodpanda and check out the KFC Karachi menu. Foodpanda, which functions as Pakistan's foremost online hub for requesting all kinds of cuisines, offers a free, easily downloadable app for use on tablets or smartphones. Ordering via this site entitles you to cost-saving fried chicken deals.

KFC Lunch and Dinner Deals

KFC Karachi usually offers daily lunch and dinner deals. You get to enjoy one or two pieces of fried chicken or burger with a medium size carbonated beverage and a medium size pack of French fries. At times, there are family deals, hot deals and everyday affordable value meals. Another thing you enjoy when you request for KFC delivery through foodpanda is the site's discount. From time to time, foodpanda offers different discounts for those who use its site for ordering food and drink items.

What are the highlights at KFC Karachi?

If you simply cannot make do without rice, then opt for "Rice n Spice." With a "WOW Meal", you get to relish in a piece of delicious, juicy piece of fried chicken, one Zinger burger, a regular or medium size portion of French fries and a regular size carbonated drink of your choice. Below is a short list of must-try KFC Karachi food items:

  • Zinger Burger - this burger has ingredients like Zinger flavoured breast fillet chicken, mayo and lettuce for a hot and spicy taste
  • Original Recipe Chicken - tempting golden coated, juicy fried chicken that are made using Colonel Sanders' famous Original Recipe
  • Corn on the Cob - corn that is cooked in hot water with a bit of milk before being dipped in butter and seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar and MSG


Reviews of KFC - F.B Area

  • the Fb area branch didn't deliver at Fb area block 3. like seriously close the branch :3

  • Order reached timely but food was not warm enough.

  • Good and fast delivery

  • experience was overall good. . .but delivery time was too long n delivery charges.....delivery to free honi chahiye

  • Improve the delivery time!

  • drinks were not chilled

  • Good as usual!

  • felt no freshness and was not hot

  • Excellent service, excellent food

  • Very good.

  • The food was on time. No delay atol. The food was also not very cold so i think it was good experience overall. But, quantity of the food as compare to the price, should be increased a bit more. Specially fries and the size of the krunch burgers. Thanks

  • 20 minutes late
    Cold food

  • Delivery was very late, moreover food was cold and seems like it was not fresh.. fires were also very dry..

  • The food was delivered almost 45 minutes late.

  • The delivery took about 1.5 hours. The krunch burgers had hardly any kind of "krunch" in them. The chicken pieces had more crisp than chicken. Overall it was not the quality of food we expected from KFC.

  • good service

  • Size was too small compare to its price

  • I ordered your mighty zinger that was yummy and so good.

  • Timely delivery delicious food

  • Before time and fresh as always!!

  • The zinger burger was out of shape, and was cold

  • Not on time rest fine this time

  • Was not hot

  • I just happy to see food panda fast service i hope in future you guys maintain all of your services regarding Dellivery of food and quality Assurance ....

    Kindest Regards
    Mudassir Haider

  • Yes. It was good but didn't feel fresh.

  • Good

  • The quality of fries was not too good.

  • Awesome service on time.

  • Food was so bad it was not properly cooked and quality was quite bad as well

  • Im glad KFC has started redeeming itself.

  • You should ask more details e.g. I want make sandwichs half cut. But they didn't ask me but it was good

  • KFC is just awesome!! Can't find the words for their brilliance.. Everything is always so much perfect that I've become a regular customer of foodpanda and especially kfc via foodpanda..
    Great job FOODPANDA!! Great panda hug..!!
    And keep it up KFC!

  • Should offer more deals to students

  • It's improved a lot.I just hope it doesn't go back down like it has before! Yummy food!

  • 3

  • Good service

  • Everything is just fine

  • Finally KFC is available in my area, I'm glad. the order was on time food was hot and fresh good service well done keep it up... and please keep delivering in FB.Area Block 9
    Thank you...

  • It was a good experience to order with food panda. Thank u

  • Meal was good but hotshots weren't fresh.

  • It's awesome service keep it up thanks..


  • its awsome

  • KFC has always been upto my expectations.. Food Temperature , Delivery Time everything is a five star :)

  • in description .. it was written vietnamese sauce but it was chilli garlic ketchup in rice! they should be true to customers!

  • Great

  • Best Burger place.
    Food Quality = Best
    Food Taste = Damn Good and excellent
    Environment= Too Friendly and comfortable
    Prices = Quite High for average persons
    Overall Lovely place

  • Ordering food online was never been easy before.. but food panda made it easy for me to order KFC online any time i want best food superb deals n on time delivery.. U made our food live so easy Hatss off Keep up the good work (y)

  • I ordered KFC wow meal for the first time through foodpanda. Food was good but the drinks were not cold. I had to wait extra 30minutes from the given delivery time and had to remind them again for my order. Hope this won't happen next time I order :)

  • Great online service!.
    Food can be ordered easily and is delivered at the exact time told,plus it enables to be updated for new deals and new menu.So convenient

  • The meal arrived hot,food panda was worth the order.

  • Great Tasty chicken and burgers on time all the time.



  • Good deal and home delivery is the best option from food panda service

  • Rider should check the order before delivering to ciustomers.

  • Very good food specially chicken chawal is very delicious. Kfc deliverd very lite and fresh food. But in beverages kfc deliverd only 300 ml pepsi in 90 rs its not good.

  • Price little high in regular deal but this 729 woow deal was awsum

  • Is the best service ..kfc and foodpanda....thnk to u both

  • It was cold and not even fresh..

  • Third experience while ordering from kfc via foodpanda and again everything was just perfect. Delivery is always before the given time and despite there was a juloos near my house. And order was fresh and flawless! Loved it!!

  • food arrived on time but it was not fresh at all

  • The rice were undercooked

  • No tissues , no ketchup privided however

  • Delivery was too late and order was cold.

  • The taste of your mighty zinger is awesome. Keep it up

  • I told them i need a center breast piece and they sent a leg piece. The food was cold as if it had been cooked centuries ago. I asked for the orange drink they sent a Pepsi. Food quality was pathetic.

  • Normal food

  • the burger was cold

  • exellent

  • On time, very responsible :)

  • 3
    Food deliver very late

  • Taste was too good

  • Delivery fee of 30 should be removed.

  • your food was very good, keep it up kfc.

  • Chicken Piece in Burger was very small at least it should be equal to the size of the bun

  • Loved the food!!
    It was fresh and delivery was exceptionally before time.. Estimated time was 55 minutes while i got my food within 20 minutes.. Drink wasn't the one i ordered but that was acceptable.. I think this mistake isn't something that i should panic for.. Couldn't find a single flaw with the food.. Everything was perfect and the deliveryboy was very well-behaved..
    Would love to order again from kfc through foodpanda!

  • Loved the food!!
    It was fresh and delivery was exceptionally on time.. Estimated time was 55 minutes while i got my order within 20 minutes.. Couldn't find a single flaw..
    Would love to order again from kfc through foodpanda!

  • I order 2 7up and 2 pepsi, but delivered drinks were all 7up. Rest was cool

  • Should bring hot and crispy burger

  • try delivering food a bit hot. I received it cold. rest everything was fine. good service.

  • So good thank you food panda & kfc

  • The deal should also be valid for dine in too

  • Ambrosial food

  • I specifically asked for chest and thigh. KFC sent wing and leg

  • No its perfect

  • Every thing was perfect except for fries and cold drink , fries were stale and cold drink was not even on room temperature it was warm

  • I am satisfied with Foodpanda service n KFC

  • Amazing. Delivery arrived before expected time. Everything was as per instructions.

  • Increase the size of ur product

  • 4

  • 5

  • Keep it up

  • Nice deal in this price but the tissue paper and ketchups are missing in our order delivery.

  • It was very good experience and I will recommend my family and friends to place order through Foodpanda :)

  • It was great. Delivered on time, food quality was great and it took me less then 2 mins to place the order - Kudos Pandas!

  • very late delivery

  • French fries tasted didn't taste good. The potatoes used were most probably a bit rotten. Apart from that good service. Got it hot and fresh just as asked.

  • I appreciate timely delivery & quality of food.

  • It was superb :) he came on just 20 mints

  • 3

  • Shld hv been much warmer.

  • order came 20 min late :(

  • it takes more than an hour to deliver food.

  • Please check your order twice before dispatching it because I didn't get cheese on my burger. Rest of the deal was awesome. Keep up the good job.and looking forward for some more deals.

  • There should be more variety of menu in exclusive deal of food panda

  • Well done and good food to we really enjoyed it as it was Thanksgiving Day Yesterday.

  • (Y)

  • Zingers were not hot and fires were missing. Although, fries were delivered after 30 minutes, yet the food-fun altogether has been affected.

    Kindly, next time re-check the orders before dispatching it. Thanks.

  • excellent offer should extend it for more period also increase the quantity we can purchase

  • Hot food, quantity was fine. I would've given a 4 though because of the lack of generosity when considering the quantity of the drink which is pitiful to say the least. Overall I was happy with the deal though.

  • Taste was good,the problem is that Ice Burg lattice is black in color,and zinger is litter dry.

  • really nice deals

  • Just I want to say at that time of delivery I was so hungry and that food was reach on time and food was hot.

  • Service was good got rhe meal on time thanx Foodpanda......
    Cheers ....

  • Fresh and hot food. Delivered before the given time of 45 mins. Excellent service from foodpanda and kfc

  • Thanks. The food was excellent and was properly delivered.

  • Every thing is good but we missed sauces along with zinger stripes.

  • Send the food with tissue.

  • My order was not hot. Delivery time should be less...

  • Zinger had just a strip of chicken

  • Taste was really good

  • Experience was definitely better than other food delivery sites ive tried...

  • Ketchup was less. Delivery time was 1 hour 15 mins :(
    But otherwise the food was amazing (y)

  • service should be more quick

  • it was good thank you

  • best food ♡

  • The burger was soggy

  • it was good

  • Its delightful..

  • The food was served hot and fresh within stated time :)

  • I ordered a combo, Krunch burger, fries and a drink, instead I received two Krunch burgers.

  • The food was good. But the dinner rolls were stale.

  • Mostly the chicken found not freshly fried but cold and fried some te ago, moreover they make it hot py putting in oven. This make it most worst

  • It was too small as compare to in image

  • My order was not fresh on arrival. Drinks were not, what ordered.

  • KFC was good. These deals and festivals are great time. One thing that I would like to report and that happens always is the issue with cold drinks. The rider didn't get any message from you guys about our selection of drink and they bring Pepsi for us. Please note this and better forward the complete details in future.

  • This place has been my fave but the last order was very disappointing, the buns were all burnt and the meal was cold, the drink was wrong n the delivery guy ran away without giving the change.. :/ lame

  • Food delivered almost after 70 mins .However the delivery time is mins. I asked for diet drink. I got regular. Fires had gotten cold by then. KFC really needs to improve.

  • Weak Delivery Services

  • i love zinger :* :* :* :* :* :(

  • The food arrived in 1 hour and 30 minutes instead of the mentioned delivery time which is 30 minutes...arrived cold and soggy...don't even want to give 1 star

  • Worst delivery service. More than 45 minutes late order and cold meal on the door with their rider making lame excuses.

  • Ordered Zinger Strips Deal with Garlic Mayo Sauce but instead got Tangy Sauce. Delivery guy didn't even bother to tell me this.

    This is the 2nd time that order mix up have happened with Food Panda.

  • Delivered on time

  • i dont want to give even one star. I paid extra to have cheese in my burger but did not get cheese. The food was cold and burger was not fresh.The bun was old

  • the food is delivered in 1 hour

  • Fries were oily and I didn't enjoy eating them

  • Late delivery.Not fresh.

  • Food quality was annoying. I really feel pity about KFC. I endorse Mr. Ziyad's comment.

  • Thank you fast delivery

  • Delivery took 2 hours. However, I understand it was iftar time and the delay is somewhat justified. Therefore, 4 stars :)
    Hoping for quicker delivery next time :)

  • Excellent service provided by food panda.order delivered on time.keet it up:).

  • Excellent service provided by food panda. Order delivered in just 30 mins and that too hot meal. Keep it up.

  • Full stars for delivering before aftar, I had told them to deliver at 8, after aftar, but they delivered anyways. The chicken was fried in a hurry, so it wasn't any good.

  • The delivery was an hour late despite the fact that we were 5 minutes drive away from KFC.
    The food was cold the lettuce was old. I feel like not coming back again :/

  • Prompt delivery. Food was still hot.

  • Satisfied..received the food as expected

  • The food was fresh nd came in 30 minutes... loved it !!!

  • Pathetic Food the Zinger was with only crunch I never tasted a thing like chicken in it and the chicken piece was overcooked or re-fried.

  • The new 'Spicy' Zinger... not so spicy :/

  • Delivery was quick and the food was fresh and hot.

  • One of my favourite fast food

  • My oreder waz on time. Thanku foodpanda and kfc

  • Delivery was right on time. Food was hot but definitely not fresh. I ordered the new spicey zinger but sorry, KFC is just no longer good for me. Not enough value for money.

  • Delivery arrived on time but the rider brought regular zinger instead of spicy zinger.

  • bogus slow delivry

  • Very Good and Fast order

    fresh food
    will order again

  • Well, this time I think it's really important to mention that my last meal was way too sick,i had to waste most of it,as it was old and not properly cooked,zinger and the fries were very bad,i must say that!

  • Delivery was on time but the food condition was not good, delivered unfresh food. Another thing is that the order was delivered in 2 parts using with the excuse of too many orders where in que. Amazing....... For me I rate KFC only 1 star.

  • Horrible food, there standard have gone down below par

  • The delivery was awesome loved evey bit of it n also a big hug to sweet panda awesome n easy to use food panda

  • It was okay. It said 35min but the order came in about 50min. No ketchup ,the drink was different and the food was cold.

  • Excellent quality

  • 1= the rapper (paper) around the zinger burger has a bad smell of ink.
    2= I didn't find the zinger quality the way it use to be.

  • I ordered Family Festival deal today and I must say the bad food I ever have from KFC ..
    Bun of burger was not fresh also the chicken was not good.. Big disappointment.

  • Delivery Service was on time, but French Fries was not fresh. All other things are good.

  • Hot, and on time

  • Food received well in time, was hot and tasty...

  • food was good but ketchup was not given with the burger and french fries so that make some incomplete taste otherwise food was fresh and hot. i like it

  • I ate my depression away C': Thank you for the food. They also gave me 4 ketchup sachets and 5 napkins :3 and everything was perfect. The delivery guy called again and again so he reached the address right and he did :3 Will order again.

  • The col.Chicken burger was cold.The col.Chicken burger I ordered few minutes before.The burger chicken patties was half cooked and smelly,the cheese was not found separately or within the burger where as they charges for it..The coleslaw was stale and quantity of coleslaw was very less hardly few strands.I pardon to order again.I have very bad lunch time experience at office today don't want to experience once again.Don't want to give star

  • The service was exceptional, right on time but the french fries were stale, the fried chicken didn't taste that good and it was somewhat extra oily and the burger was fine.

  • Zinger was not properly cooked plus the cheese which was in burger was stinking. Please raise your qualities

  • Nice

  • It's been more than an hour since I ordered.

    Even though they said the time for delivery would be 35 minutes, I still haven't received my food.

    Never ordering KFC again.

  • order didnt reach me on time , it was around 30 mins late , i send them back ... they have great taste but pathetic service delivery .... i dont know why i am giving them one star...

  • Plz plz plz
    Don't try this at home.........

    Cold zinger
    Hot drink
    Not get the complete order.

    Bla bla bla

  • Very smooth and accurate service

  • I had specifically mentioned in comments the drink I want and to send enough ketchup satchets coz every time I got only one per person.
    I am glad they took the time to read and follow the instructions. Thumbs up

  • zinger was tasteless, not hot. please provide fresh and hot items. but i like your punctuality

  • Food was taste even delivered in 25 minutes. But they should give french fires with every burger.

  • Quality has substantially deteriorated.

  • -1 hr delivery .
    -Zinger was not hot.
    -Zinger didnt taste like zinger, like it used to be.

  • Poor Service 1 ghantay baad deliver huaa uper se Ketchup & Tissue paper gaiyab kardiya nahi diye.. :(

  • As usual, they messed up the order. They NEVER read the comments/instructions. Whatever we DO NOT want in the order is delivered. The zingers and value burgers were all the same size and taste, too hard skin and not properly cooked from inside. Burger buns were stale and the chicken pieces looked like leftovers from someone else's meal and re-fried. Poor Service. If they can not handle a new deal, they should not offer it. KFC can never beat McDonalds, price wise nor quality wise. Even the food was not delivered on time.

  • Not good today this time. zinger were not taste to be like zinger., it was not served hot n fresh

  • :) g0o0o0oD

  • Excellent service,as the food came within the first 20 mins..

  • The service is excellent, the food quality is excellent and the best part is that it comes on time and its hot !! .... everytime I order it reaches within 20 mins and fresh.. foodpanda has really made it easy to order.. just a few clicks and viola... im a regular iser of foodpanda app on my phone and a definitely satisfied custome of KFC .... keep up the good work guys ( THUMBS UP )

  • The food was fine. But as usual wrong drinks! And no tissues. and just 4 satchets for 2 zingers and fries.

  • The service of KFC is excellent and I am par satisfied with it. However, regarding the food panda, I have a little concern, when I placed order I wrote my flat no. as "D-18" as it is also in the email that sent to me, but the order reached late because it was sent to "D-13", and I had to call the delivery person for clarification. As far as KFC is concerned it is good

  • satisfied!!

  • Cold burgers, cold fries and wrong drinks. Also just one satchet of ketchup per burger?

  • Extremely disappointing. The bun was stale, chicken was cold and tasteless. Fries were dead and cold. Overall a very very bad experience. Not ordering KFC again since the quality has gone really down.

  • Everything was just weired!
    Nothing was hot, no taste at all in rice even fries were so cold like brought direct from freezers!

  • Food was cold and the drink was wrong

  • perfect 10/10

  • came on time but food wasnt that good

  • Last night food wasn't hot & bread also wasn't fresh.Hopefully I will not ask to deliver again.

  • My order had 2 fries, they brought only 1 so I called them up and they sent another. However, the first ones were stale and cold. The second ones were nice, fresh and warm.
    The rest of the order was okay.

  • The delivery was too late. It took 80 minutes for rider to get here. Plus, food was not hot. Didnt enjoy ordering online.

  • The delivery was 15 mins late and the food received was cold.

  • For once, the food was warm, fresh and was delivered on time. Excellent!! Keep it up.

  • Good food. But not on time. I hope next time I wont happen.

  • Fresh Quality, Delivered before time mentioned in the website!!!!

  • No ketchup or tissues were given. They sent me the wrong drink. Food was okay.

  • like always they didn't even bother to bring my drink.
    lets hope they realize it soon

  • Worst Service Ever, Zingers were not fresh at all.

  • Very disappointed with the quality of food. It was not fresh at all. But was delivered on time.

  • The service was okay...

  • cold fooe deliverd. ketup stinks

  • On time. Oven hot. Thumbs up.

  • The food reached very after 1 hour and 45 minutes and the fries were not fresh. Very poor

  • Best burger in town!

  • on time and fresh

  • good. i like it.

  • great taste

  • Order delivered by time specified, but had to microwave since the meal delivered cold.

  • Food was delivered on time

  • My Experience was really awful .. the food quality was really poor :(

  • good

  • Simple food delivered hot and in time! Great experience!

  • The food was delivered in time for once and it was warm too (not as fresh and hot as we would like) but the only stuff we get in good shape is the ones you order from the ala carte menu. The stuff they deliver in deals is horrible. Seems the leftover chicken pieces and zingers are served in deals/combo meals (one of their call center reps confirmed this too when I tried to order a specific chicken piece in that deal, said we were not allowed to make choices and whatever is available will be served).

  • The burgers were dry

  • received not hot food :(
    but delivered on time :)

  • it was alright but you should have to improve your delivery services , as it was fair not as good as we served in the frienchieses "inside" again for the sake of delievery !!!!

  • it took me 1.5 hours ti recieve the order and the food as cold

  • take 3 hours for delivery, very poor and bad service, the rider didn't know simple routes, he called at least 5 or 6 times to know the route and even then reached at the wrong place after 3 hours, and kfc is just 10 mins from my place.....huh...very poor!

  • I guess with the opening of so many fast food restaurants in Karachi KFC has lost its charm as well its taste...................

  • Pathetic - frozen food - horrible experience this time.
    Nothing was Fresh !

  • lush crispy chicken-amazing!

  • the food they sent was re-fried!! Even the corn smelled horrible. ,stuff had to be thrown away. no humman can bite with his teeth this was double dracker . hated

  • I like kfc chickens pieces very much but my only complain is that they take 330rs for.two pieces of chicken and there are very small pieces and the rider has no change.

  • ordered 10pc bucket. The delivery was in time but the chicken pieces were not as hot and fresh. though not a huge issue but yes it usually is better even in deliveries

  • Ordered Zinger for mum. She didn't like it that much. I guess KFC is just for younger generation.

  • I ordered zingers for myself, my wife and my sister and chose to have extra cheese. The cheese that was used did not taste the same as the one you get with your zingers at KFC outlet. Also the delivery was overly delayed by and extra 30 minutes in addition to the 45 minutes limit even though the nearest KFC is literally at 5 minutes drive.

  • i had a great experience with food panda... my meal was hot and fresh as per my instruction thanks food panda

  • Though the Zingers were fine, the delivery was totally messed up! I ordered 2 Zinger deals (6 Zingers in total). The delivery person brought 3 Zingers one time, and went back to KFC to get three more. First three were delivered in 30 minutes. Next three in 25 minutes and by the time I got them, the previous three turned cold. I will think twice when I order next time.


  • Burgers were fresh, delicious and delivered right on time.

  • Food was fresh and delivery was on time ..

  • got food poisoning as every time. there was no sauce in any of my burgers and everything came cold even though I live 2 minutes away from KFC!

  • Nice good & Fast Delivery... Great Service & coprative Staff :)

  • The food was fresh and delivered within 15 mins! Very satisfied with KFC's delivery this time around!

  • Great service, and fresh, warm and on time.

  • Excellent

  • Fries was not fresh
    And zinger too

  • Fast service and food is also good

  • Pathetic. Food was not even properly packed. Big Filler came in two pieces which was a disappointment. The food wasn't fresh at all.

  • delicious and spicy

    I have ordered the twister with fries. It was colder then the ice cream!! & those fries were totally messed up! I hated it ! That was no good service at all.....!! >__<

  • 2 hours to deliver and food was not even fresh.!

  • Very slow delivery

  • Great service, always fresh, warm and on time.

  • Fries need improvement and Price need decrease :)

  • Pahtetic. Ordered a Mighty combo deal. They missed out on the fries. Tried to call them back, kept putting me on hold.

    The burger was pretty good though.

  • Pathetic! They charge you for delivery and they do not even deliver on time. This is the third time in a row that they delivered bad stuff. You could clearly see the food they sent was re-fried!! Even the corn smelled horrible. The only reason we re-ordered was because McDonalds wont deliver in Ramadan however most of the stuff had to be thrown away. I am NOT going to throw away money on the grose stuff they deliver, ever!

  • We ordered one and a half hour before Iftar, were told delivery would be in 45 minutes, one hour and forty five minutes later we decided to get it from an outlet nearby. Truly disappointing

  • Well everything was good , it could be better if they add fries to it

  • KFC is my all time fav restaurant. Every time they made effort to make their customer happy. So I'm one of their happy customer :)
    Thanx for great food n great customer service!

  • Hot Shots should be separated from fries on the 265 PKR deal. Else all order was perfect and timely delivered. :)

  • should improve quantity of food

  • Worst experience, ordered food last day but it has not delivered in more than 1 hour and we cancelled.

  • service is not good in gulshan area at night

  • I ordered box master deal with arabian rice. The tortilla tasted so bad I felt like puking. Rice were cold and stale. Drink was not cold either. Very bad experience!

  • Good = delivered within 20 mins, Bad = came with wrong drinks

  • Awsome...............!!!!


  • THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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