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Quetta is a diverse city when it comes to its thriving restaurants. There are plenty of local eateries that serve classic Pakistani dishes, but there are also lots of foreign influences that shake up Quetta's foodie scene. There are several Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants that offer classic Asian dishes, packed with sweet and sour flavours and punchy spices. Think dumplings, marinated chicken, and perfectly-cooked rice. Fast food is rapidly becoming more popular too, and you're never far from a pizza covered in melted cheese or a tasty burger. As well as larger restaurants there are several small, intimate cafes that are the ideal spot for a light bite with friends.

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The cuisine in Quetta is similar to other cities in the west of Pakistan, with slightly milder flavours and spices than in the east. The popular dishes in the region can vary but many recipes are influenced by the traditional food of Iraq and Afghanistan, with blends of warming spices incorporated into tasty curries and side dishes. Flatbreads are a staple and are served almost every mealtime, used to scoop up creamy dahl made with lentils. The local snacks are also a must-try, with hot filled pastries that come in both sweet and savoury varieties that can be found in cafes and at pop-up street food stands. The sweet dishes in Quetta are mouth-watering and are usually made with milk and spices like cardamom.

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If you're looking for a one-stop-shop that serves a wide variety of different dishes, then look no further than New Hot and Spicy in Satellite Town, one of the most popular restaurants in Quetta. Here you can find a dish to suit every craving, from local chicken curry dishes to Chinese favourites such as egg fried rice. They also have a great selection of American-style fast food dishes, including fried chicken burgers that are served with lettuce, tomato, crispy fries and mayo. There are pizzas available too, with vegetarian recipes that are topped with crunchy fresh veg and lashings of hot cheese and tomato sauce.