Food Delivery from Larkana’s Best Restaurants

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Larkana has a rich food history that dates back hundreds of years. This modern, bustling city perfectly blends modernity with heritage, with a range of traditional restaurants offering home-cooked style meals, as well as fast food venues that dish up Italian and American cuisine. Cakes and baked goods are always popular in Larkana, and you're never far from plenty of sugary treats. Larkana is also home to several hotels, which often have their own restaurants. Here you'll find experienced chefs cooking a range of dishes to suit all tastes, and classic recipes with a contemporary twist.

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Get tasty food in Larkana with the best restaurants that deliver

One of the most popular restaurants in Larkana is fast food giant KFC. This restaurant chain started life in America and has now made its way across the world, bring traditional American dishes to a wider audience. The KFC in Larkana is always busy thanks to its yummy menu, packed with delicious dishes that are perfect for both lunch and dinner. Their burgers filled with crispy fried chicken are a particular highlight, and are best served up with hot fries and an ice-cold drink. They also do family-style meals so that you can get a great deal when catering to a larger group. If you're looking for something a little more local, they have traditional favourites too, such as Arabian rice.

The best cuisines in Larkana for online food delivery

Larkana is home to some of Pakistan's best cuisines, with a blend of central and eastern Asian, as well as Middle Eastern, influences. Many dishes are based around a flatbread named phulka, which is served up with a couple of accompanying dishes or curries. Bhee, or lotus root, is another favourite, as is yellow dahl. Rice is a staple dish in the area too, and there are plenty of delicious drinks to choose from. Thadai is made from almonds and poppy seeds, while Khirni is a hot milk drink with cardamom and saffron. Larkana is also known for its many bakeries that produce a range of delicious sweets, cakes, pastries and puddings. The centre of Larkana has three bakeries that sell local delicacies as well as rich chocolate cake and savoury snacks.