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Through its long history Hyderabad has played host to diverse ethnic groups, absorbing their cultural and traditional influences to evolve into the sprawling cosmopolitan city it is today, the fourth largest in Pakistan and the second largest in Sindh Province.

Hyderabad is home to Punjabis, Muhajirs, Pashtuns, Baluchis, and Memons, all of whom have left their stamp on its cuisine, which amalgamates North Indian and Mughlai cuisines (though international cuisines are also making their presence felt).

The city has dozens of eating places that collectively serve everything from biryanis to burgers, so if you’re planning a dine-out you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, if you’re the stay-at-home type, you could order food online in Hyderabad and have a multicuisine food fest on your own turf.

Zero in on the best restaurants in Hyderabad, here and now!

  • ✓ La Moosh: the spacious eatery features burgers, steaks, seafood, chicken specialities and more than two dozen thirst quenchers on its menu.
  • ✓ Subway: located at Latifabad, this fast-food outlet serves a wide range of subs, including specials for each day of the week. It also has great entrees and a good choice of salads.
  • ✓ The Food Factory: BBQ items, salads, platters, rolls, tandoori rotis… this eatery has it all.
  • ✓ The Royal Taj Restaurant: as the name suggests, a high-end establishment that’s part of the Royal Taj Hotel. It serves barbequed items, snacks, and delicacies from Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, and Mexican cuisines. Its buffet is especially popular.
  • ✓ Lal Qila Restaurant: located on the Autobahn Road, Lal Quila entertains its patrons with fabulous food and a big-screen TV. It’s hard to say which of the two is more popular!
  • ✓ Midway Hill Restaurant: it’s worth a visit if you’re into Pakistani and Chinese cuisine. The portions are generous and the prices affordable – and the place is spacious enough to handle a large group.
  • ✓ Tiffin Restaurant: the accent here is on variety. There’s a lot to choose from – burgers, tandoori dishes, espresso… the list of goodies goes on.
  • ✓ Crispy Broast: an old establishment with a reputation for… you guessed it: great broasts!

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Yes, it’s easy to order food online in Hyderabad when you’re motivated by hunger!