Food Delivery from Murree’s Best Restaurants

Food delivery in Murree

Romantic and intriguing, Murree is an old hill station town which lies on the border between the Punjab and Azad Kashmir regions of Pakistan. It is particularly popular with visitors in the summer months when a refreshing climate means the natural scenery can be enjoyed at its best. Local cuisine can be sampled in a range of venues from street food markets to restaurants with stunning views. There are plenty of choices in Murree whether you wish to visit city restaurants in person or order a food delivery to enjoy at home with friends and family.

foodpanda makes it easy to order food online in Murree

foodpanda makes it easy to order from some of the best restaurants that deliver in Murree. Either download the foodpanda app to your mobile device or sign in from your computer to browse city restaurants that offer a fast food delivery. Once you're happy with your selection, place your order and choose whether to pay online or in cash when your food is delivered. Once you have confirmed your order, it won't be long before your tasty meal arrives. When you order a delivery in Murree, enjoying a between-meal snack, quick lunch at your desk or an evening family meal is easy.

Popular restaurants in Murree

With foodpanda it is easy to enjoy meals from popular chains such as Red Onion, Pizza Hut and KFC or sample local dishes with orders from restaurants such as Fuschia with its fusion of Pakistani, Italian and English food or Saffron where the menu is full of traditional dishes like chicken karahi. Traditional food can also be ordered from the Usmania restaurant or the Spicy Grill at the Lockwood Hotel Murree. Although meat features highly on most restaurant menus in Murree, if you are a vegetarian you'll find plenty to tempt you when you place an order at The Monal or Des Pardes restaurants.

Experience the flavours of Murree with foodpanda

The Murree region of Pakistan is a major producer of rice, wheat and dairy products, all of which feature highly in local cuisine. Meat or fresh fish are also found in many dishes. With a foodpanda order, you can enjoy the taste of local spices which add a particular flavour to traditional dishes such as karahi. Chicken, beef, lamb, goat or mutton are cooked slowly in a delicious sauce and the finished dish is served with rotti (or flatbreads) and salad. Biryani cooked with either chicken or mutton is another very popular dish on Murree menus. This is usually accompanied by basmati rice cooked in a local style and the dish is served with a refreshing yoghurt made from local milk. Vegetarian choices include the grain and lentil dish khichdi or a hearty stew made from leafy greens and known as saag. Finish your meal with the sweet and nutty local dessert called panjiri.