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The fine selection of restaurants in Rawalpindi

Restaurants in Rawalpindi are well known for their high standards of quality and range of national and international influences. Rawalpindi, the capital city of Pakistan, is home to a rich and diverse cultural history. Its beautifully energetic markets and shop-fronts hold the clues to an expansive and expressive culinary centre. You can discover all of this creativity with free home delivery in Rawalpindi. Foodpanda are experts at providing the easiest way to enjoy this service. The conveniently organised site and app can direct you to the best way to order food online in Rawalpindi.

Discover home delivery from restaurants in Rawalpindi

Food delivery in Rawalpindi is available throughout the city. So whether its the fast food of burgers and pizza, or Indian, Chinese and Italian that you desire, its all there at the touch of a button. Here are a selection of restaurants in Rawalpindi.

  • ✓ KFC is one of the best-loved fast food restaurants in Rawalpindi. The fried chicken creations will provide plenty of tasty treats for you whenever you need them!
  • ✓ Pizza in Rawalpindi is well provided for by a variety of retailers. One of the best known in the city is The New Yorker Pizza. Here you can find classic pizzas and create your own toppings.
  • ✓ Food Club serves up a great menu of Pakistani, Chinese and Thai meals of exquisite quality.
  • Rehmat Foods in Rawalpindi is an expert retailer of delicious traditional meals of raita, rice, and chicken kebabs.
  • ✓ House of Retro can supply all the best ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The diner is also a specialist in desserts and ice creams. Simply log onto foodpanda to discover a perfect end of meal treat.

Enjoy the best restaurants in Rawalpindi with foodpanda

Foodpanda is an easy to use website and downloadable app that can help you find the best restaurants in Rawalpindi. Simply register your details with us to explore all of the options to order food online in Rawalpindi. Free home delivery food in Rawalpindi is a great option to have when you don't want the hassle of preparing a meal yourself. The vast range of menus and options available to browse on the site will bring the perfect night in.