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Perched 4000 feet above sea level, Abbottabad is a student town and also a major tourist destination, its mild summer weather attracting visitors eager to escape the the torrid 45 °C heat of the Punjab. As a gateway to the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush, it's influenced by a wide range of regional cuisines. At the same time there are lots of continental and fast food options, just as you'd expect from a city with such a cosmopolitan heritage. Whether you're ordering takeout food for a group of friends or organising a last minute business lunch, with foodpanda you can arrange an online food delivery without working up a sweat.

Why order a delivery in Abbottabad with foodpanda?

Tired of collecting takeout flyers and browsing restaurant websites? Thanks to foodpanda, you can now order a fast food delivery in your local area through one streamlined, easy to use platform. It's available on your computer and smartphone, so you can use it in the office or on the go. Just sign up and select your address, and you'll be able to browse a wide selection of nearby eateries. Our clear, simple layout makes it easy to select between dining themes, and members can also reap the benefit of our exclusive offers. There's even an app that lets you track the progress of your order, so you'll know exactly how much time you have to wait before your meal arrives.

Where to find good takeout in Abbottabad

Some of the best restaurants in Abbottabad serve pizza, whether it's the authentic big city slice of The New Yorker, with its toothsomely thin, crispy dough, or the traditional Italian sauces and toppings of Pizza Originale. Either one is a great option for casual weekend get-togethers. Or if Asian flavours are more to your liking, try Triple One, which rustles up some perennially popular chicken dishes, from hot and spicy Szechuan style to tangy sweet and sour. For Indian dishes, you should see what's cooking at Mom's Kitchen. In the meantime, Mr Cod is a trusty go-to for healthy fish dishes and seafood platters. All of these options are just a few clicks away via foodpanda.

What's good to eat in Abbottabad

Abbottabad is a prime location for ordering an array of signature Pakistani meals. The region's recipes are known for their heat, especially slow-cooked stews like beef or mutton nihari. In particular, spice lovers shouldn't pass up a chance to try chicken kahari, a fiery wok-fried dish. For a taste of some time-honoured local fast food, you might want to begin with a chapli kebab, a tender, seasoned patty served with naan bread and chopped onions. Or sample a helping of shami kebabs, made with ground chickpeas for a melt in the mouth texture. Plus there's no shortage of sandwiches, wraps and burgers at your fingertips too.