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Multan is a rich metropolis in southern Punjab offering scores of attractions such as the Tomb Shah Rukne Alam, Fort Khoma and the Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi. Whether you are a weary traveller or a local, there are many restaurants in Multan that will satisfy your cravings or needs for the day. What better way to appease your hunger than by using Multan online food delivery service? From Chinese and Thai to Italian and Pakistani, there is an array of sumptuous cuisine that will take off the edge and put you in a good mood:

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Make technology work for you by using Multan online food delivery service so that you don't have to exert much effort when it comes to food. With a few clicks of the mouse and maybe a few minutes browsing through the menus and offerings at the best restaurants in Multan, you can order your food online without commuting or spending time on the phone explaining what you want to have. The advantage of foodpanda service is you get to see the menu, prices and even photos of the dishes that are offered. Try these restaurants:

  • ✓ Lahore Chatkhara offers delicious BBQ and grill dishes.
  • ✓ Biryani Hut specialises in exquisite biryanis.
  • ✓ Eat On serves pizzas, Sandwish and burgers.

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Feeling like relaxing at home after an intense day at the office or a bad start to the week at school? If you think that everything in your day is ruined, don't worry, for online food home delivery in Multan functions like clockwork. Simply submit your food order and relax. You will be amazed at what food and nourishment can do to the body. When you avail of online food home delivery in Multan, you are not only giving yourself a break from the routine of cooking or the hassle of going to the restaurant when you are tired and hungry. A good hot meal in the comfort of your home can do wonders for your soul and body that will instantly invigorate you. Take advantage of this wonderful service from foodpanda today and enjoy a delish TV dinner with pals or a picnic in the park when you order online food home delivery in Multan.

Best Sehri and Iftari deasl only in Multan:

Order best Sehri and Iftari in Multan this Ramzan with just one click. Order Sehri and Iftari through foodpanda delivery service. The fastest delivery network all over Pakistan. Get your hands on best Sehri and Iftari deals on foodpanda. Have your food from your favourite restaurants of Multan.

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Ramzan deals from the best restaurants in Multan

Don’t want to cook? No problem, Open foodpanda app and order from your favourite restaurant within no time. Make your Sehri tasty and make your Iftari delicious with foodpanda. foodpanda is now offering free delivery in Multan. So, Multanis download the foodpanda app now.

  • ✓ Kentucky combo by KFC only for 350 pkr
  • ✓ Value Share bag by Mcdonalds only for 1095 pkr
  • ✓ 2 Subway in all Flavors only for 499 pkr