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Food delivery in Sargodha

Sargodha is one of the fastest growing cities in Pakistan, and a thriving university town home to law, medicine and agriculture colleges. No surprise, then, that it has an equally vibrant culinary scene. Venues run the gamut from crowd pleasing fast food joints to formal dining options. There are plenty of authentic homegrown dishes, but international flavours are well represented too. So whether you're looking to order food online or arrange a celebratory outing, the city has no shortage of gastronomic delights.

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There's no better choice than foodpanda for fast, efficient deliveries in Sargodha. Ordering takeout for the office? Simple. Browse local restaurants on our website, or better yet go on our new, improved smartphone app. Once you've selected a few dishes and completed the checkout, you can now track your delivery in real time to ensure maximum efficiency. Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll keep you apprised of all the latest developments in your area. And remember to save money when you order a delivery in Sargodha by watching out for exclusive discounts, voucher codes and coupons.

The best restaurants in Sargodha

No matter if you're hosting clients or planning a date night, you're sure to hit on the perfect local eatery with foodpanda. If you're in the mood for a slice dripping with generous toppings, there are plenty of pizzerias such as Moodys Cafe and Royal Chicks. Likewise foodpanda can direct you towards some great sources of burgers, fries, sliders and other light bites, like Fun Foods and Hot and Spicy. The Namkeen Shinwari Mutton Restaurant is just one of the local establishments offering tasty kebabs, tikka pieces, BBQ's and other tangy regional dishes, while Hadi Sardar Fish serves up seafood steeped in aromatic herbs and spices. In the meantime, Sweet Spoonz provides an online food delivery service of mouthwatering cakes, pastries and desserts.

What's hot in the local neighbourhood

Sargodha is best known for Punjab cuisine. Think traditional clay ovens, sizzling butter chicken and rich, fruity rogan josh. Then there are snacks like paratha flatbread stuffed with sweet or savouring fillings, perfect for an ultra speedy fast food delivery. It's also home to some flavoursome vegetarian recipes such as aloo gobi (curried potato and cauliflower) and Five Jewel Creamed Lentils. Equally, Sargodha is a great place to enjoy some cosmopolitan cafe food. Menus draw freely on a wide range of inspirations, and you can find practically anything from fish burgers to shawarma wraps. This is also a city with a definite sweet tooth. A popular pudding is kheer, whether flavoured with palate-cleansing mango or indulgent chocolate. So is rasmalai, a creamy cheese dessert. Whether you want to sample a local delicacy or grab a quick lunch with friends or co-workers, foodpanda is a simple and easy way of tracking down exactly what you want.