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A steak is a piece of beef meat that has been cut perpendicularly or fish meat cut along its spine. Steak is under normal circumstances prepared by grilling, frying or broiling. Generally speaking, there are 6 different types of steaks; the most common and known one being beef steak, which is prepared by using dry heat and served as whole. Rib steak, which is sliced from the rib of the beef animal, can either be served with or without the rib bone, depending on preference. Sirloin steak comes from the sirloin part of the cow’s rear and has a slightly tender feel to it; it is prepared by either grilling or frying and served with an assortment of vegetables. The Skirt steak, which is long, thick, tender and has a rich flavor; this type of steak is commonly included in preparing other dishes of the Mexican cuisine such as fajitas or arrachera and the Italian cuisine uses the Skirt steak in preparing Bolognese sauce. The T-bone steak, which is cut from the short loin near the back of the cow, has strong flavor and tenderness to it; this type of steak is usually more pricy than other alternatives due to it being made in a porterhouse with great care and precision. T-bone steak is cooked by Grilling, Frying, Baking and occasionally by Broiling in order to give the steak a more tender structure.

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