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Seafood in Pakistan

Any form of sea life belongs into the category of seafood including fish and shellfish. Originally species, such as whales, used to belong into this classification too, thankfully their consumption has been reduced in the last couple of years. Furthermore seaweeeds and microalgae display an important component in some other cuisines around the world, especially in the Asian world. Seafood cuisine is a great supplier of protein, being one of the construction blocks of the human body weight, essential for muscles, hair and respective tissue. It represents the most important basic module for sportspeople in their diet. Traditional seafood ranges from fish (e.g.salmon), molluscs (e.g. octopus), crustaceans (e.g. crabs), to aquatanic animals (e.g.whales) and plants (e.g.green algae).

Your personal seafood delivery

Foodpanda provides with its wide range of restaurants, offering seafood in Pakistan, a long list of opportunities to choose from. A great address for simple fast seafood in Karachi, is the Tooso Restaurant in Bahadurabad. From finger fish to fried fish, up to prawn fried, will let seafood enthusiast go into raptures. If you feel more like traditional seafood cuisine, order from the restaurant Wang Fu in Islamabad, providing you with a great choice of lobster series. Order seafood online right to your door with foodpanda You are a seafood lover and don’t want to go out for dinner tonight? Yes, you can still have your fried fish, prawn or lobster tonight- go to foodpanda.pk and order your personal seafood meals online and choose from an extensive menu. Simple seafood delivery online, in four areas of Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore, right to your doorsteps, can be so easy with foodpanda.

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