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Burger is modestly another way of calling a Hamburger; a burger consists of ground meat that has been cooked and placed in a sliced bread or bun. The ground meat can be made of beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, etc. and is usually served in combination with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion; furthermore, also with flavoring or seasoning such as mustard, relish, ketchup or mayonnaise. The burger in combination with the bun becomes a sandwich; although it doesn’t necessarily have to be meat and can consist of pretty much any type of filling in between two slices of bread to be a sandwich. Made from fresh meat and seasoned with the best spices, Foodpanda brings you your favorite hamburger or sandwich from over 112 restaurants straight to your doorstep.

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Look through the wide assortment of restaurant that specialize in burgers and/or sandwiches and pick your favorite one in your area from restaurants such as Big thick Burgerz in Karachi, Kundan Broast or from Bholu- Clifton, to name the few. From regular chicken burgers, to chapata or zinger burgers and chicken, club or BBQ sandwiches from Red Apple in Lahore, to the numerous burger combinations from KFC made with Dimple inKarachi. Within a few simple steps, you can also add any extra toppings or seasonings to your burger or sandwich and effortlessly proceed to the easy checkout of your order and await the delivery of your food by Foodpanda on line or via the foodpanda free mobile app.

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