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Pizza, no doubt, is one of the most renowned and widely consumed Italian dishes in the world. Gathering with friends to catch up on the latest blockbuster movie on TV? Stressed after a long hectic day and feeling too tired to prepare meals at home? Want to cheer up your teammates after an unusually long brainstorming session? Then, pizzas would probably be the first choice to pop up in your mind. Reason? They are quick and easy to order, delicious and fuss-free to eat, and healthy and filling to end your hunger pangs. Plus, you have the incredible option to choose from a whopping variety of both local and international pizza delivery chains in your city. And with foodpanda, you don't have to even bother remembering the phone numbers of your much-beloved pizza delivery chain. Be it Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, you have to just enter your locality on our website or mobile app, and we will list the best pizza joints in your neighbourhood. Then, simply make the choice to savour the pizzas right at your comfort zone.

6 interesting and quirky facts about pizzas

  • The United States is the world's no.1 consumer of pizza
  • The average size of the pizzas you eat today is 14-inch diameter
  • October is observed as the National Pizza Month in the United Sates
  • In Alaska, pizzas are delivered even by plane
  • Saturday Night is considered as the most popular night for ordering pizzas

Order pizza online from some of the most sought-after pizza delivery joints in your city

From the classic Italian pizzas made of tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese to the local favourites like Pickle Pizzas and Chicken Tikka Pizzas to exotic varieties like Mexican and New York Style pizzas, the sheer range of this Italian dish will leave anyone spoilt for choice. Whether you are a die-hard fan of 14th Street Pizza, swear by Papa John's, or a self-declared devotee of The New Yorker Pizza, foodpanda makes it absolutely fast and convenient to order pizza online in Pakistan. Here's our selection of the best pizza joints in Pakistan, along with their most popular offerings:

  • The New Yorker Pizza: Half of Manhattan + Smoked Chicken + Dough, Sauces & veggies of your choice
  • 14th Street Pizza: Thinza 10 Incher and Premium Turkey
  • Broadway Pizza: Wicked Blend and Dancing Fajita
  • Smokin' Joe: Roast Chicken, Smokin' Joe's Special, Black Pepper Veggies, and Chicken Tikka Pizza
  • Hot Bite: Chicken Tikka Pizza, Hawaiian, Chicken Supreme, and Hot Bite Special


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Besides the pleasure of ordering food from almost anywhere, foodpanda gives you one more amazing reason to order pizza online. And that's our irresistible pizza deals. When you choose to order pizza online through foodpanda, you can take advantage of the exciting pizza deals, offering discounts up to a stunning 50%, and sometimes even more. At foodpanda, we are not only dedicated to serving great food to your doorsteps, but also ensuring your culinary adventures are a pocket-friendly affair. Isn't that really sweet?!

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