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Pakistani cuisine is considered by many to be a polished combination of many traditional cooking styles stemming from Southern Asia, resulting in a typically rich flavour and fragrant aroma. As Pakistan has many regions, all with their own dishes and traditional cooking methods, the Pakistani cuisine consists of many different types of dishes. Pakistani cuisine has been suggested as the direct inheritor of the Indo- Aryan culture. The meat used in Pakistan typically is Halal, meaning its preparation follows certain strict rules and methods of preparation. Halal food Pakistan is available for home delivery easily, using the foodpanda website and mobile app. Enjoy Pakistani cuisine in your own home today!

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Pakistani food has an expansive range of dishes that are typically prepared for different occasions. As a main course, the most popular ingredients for kebab dishes are goat, mutton, beef or chicken. Curries, that involve many different varieties of seasonings, prepared with or without meat in combination with fresh vegetables, like cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, okra, saag, peppers, or eggplant, to name just a few, are enjoyed by many. Vegetarian dishes are also very popular in the cuisine, such as the Baingan bartha and the Sarson da saag – these tasty preparations make it easy for you to get your five a day. If you're a chicken fan, you'll find delcicious Chicken Biryani, Chicken Manchurian and Chicken Tikka on many of these great menus.

Halal food Pakistan with foodpanda

If you are in Pakistan and are craving a taste of the best local dishes, then all you have to do is head straight to the Foodpanda Pakistan homepage and select the current area you are located in; then by selecting the Pakistani cuisine filter on the left hand side of the restaurants list, you can filter out all restaurants in your vicinity that serve the best Pakistani dishes and halal food Pakistan. Enjoy fantastic and popular restaurants such as Karachi Hot N Spicy, Ginoginelles, or Waheed Kebab House, just to name a short few, and pick out a restaurant of your choice that serves the tasty Pakistani cuisine you know and love. Choose your favourite dishes, like Chicken Karahi or Seekh Kabab and don’t forget the side dishes, toppings, deserts, and drinks. Finally, you can effortlessly proceed to checkout your order - now, all you have to do is eagerly await the fast delivery of your favourite dish by foodpanda!

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