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Located in eastern coast of Mediterranean sea, Lebanon has an area of more than 10000 square kilometers and the capital Beirut is often refered to Paris of Middle East. During the period ruled by Ottoman Turks, they have introduced a variety of foods that have become staples in the Lebanese diet, including olive, fresh bread, oil, baklava (sweet pastry dessert), laban (homemade yogurt), lambs and a variety of nuts. Due to being colonized by French, Lebanese cuisine is also influenced by French cuisine with introduction to most widely eaten foods such as flan, buttery croissants and a caramel custard dessert. In Lebanon, poultry is eaten more often than red meat which is usually lamb or goat. Most often foods are either grilled, baked or sauteed in olive oil, butter or cream are rarely used.

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Kibbeh (or Kibbe) is proud to be the Lebanese national dish made by ground lamb and cracked wheat paste which is similar to paste. In the country, drinks are rarely served without being accompanied by food. And like mezeluri of Romania, antipasto of Italy or tapas of Spain, mezze is an array of small dishes placed before the guests creating an array of colors, flavors and textures. Typical mezze consists of salad such as tabbouleh, fattoush, some patties like Sambusac and stuffed grape leaves. The Lebanese national alcoholic drink which usually served with traditional Lebanese meals are Arak. Lebanon's variety of fresh fruits makes them popular desserts with melon, oranges, grapes, figs, apples and tangerines making desserts great treats. You can find the best Lebanese food straight from foodpanda.pk or by downloading the free foodpanda application for Android and iOS devices. Restaurants such as Al Waha Lebanese Cuisine, Arabian Nights Lounge, Buddy's or Edgware Road in Karachi are available to delivery you your favorite dishes via foodpanda Pakistan.

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