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India, the second most populated country in the world and on the way becoming the most populated country. As a big country with many different regions, ethics, religions, Indian cuisines reflect the cultures in different parts of the country. Being a country of spicies where thousands of special spicies have come from, and Indian cuisines have been strongly influenced to many neighbouring countries. Indian foods are the mix of unique ingredients, spicies making colourful foods, many of them have been popular all over the world such as curry spicy foods. India is a birthplace of Budism, no question why vegetarian foods have been spreaded to many countries from East to West along with the Buddism religion. South and South East Asia are regions that being affected the most by Indian cuisine.

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Typical Indian ingredients are for example rice, lentils or kidney beans, mostly cooked in vegetable, peanut as well as mustard and coconut oil, being used on the respective region e.g. peanut oil enjoys high popularity in Western India. Typical Indian dishes range from Biryani, served as a main or side dish in combination with vegetables or meat or simply with plain yoghurt; Parantha, a bread consisting out of wheat flour which is stuffed with potato or paneer or furthermore the well-known Naan, an oven-baked soft flatbread. Order Indian food online from a wide range of restaurant thanks to the delivery service foodpanda!

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Are you an Indian food fan and Chicken Masala is your favorite dish in the world? Then visit foodpanda pk and enjoy delicious Indian food from many restaurants such as Mirchilli, or Chatora's Den, to name a few. Choose from a wide range of menu and select your personal order. Order Indian food online by visiting foodpanda pk or downloading the free mobile application for Andorid and iOS devicesand enjoy a long list of restaurants. Just one click away and your personal order is delivered into four areas of Pakistan: Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Islamabad. Get Indian food online in an easy and convenient way- this Indian delivery service provides you with an unique dining experience.

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