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Although the term Barbecue is used the exact same way in many different countries around the world, the origin of the word is still not exactly known. Depending on which country one is in, barbecue could mean different things; some use it to describe a social gathering, others use it to explain the actual grilling process of food. When looking at BBQ as a cuisine, it can be defined as the process of cooking by using indirect heat or using a direct heat but at a very low temperature and cooking it for a longer period of time. Unlike barbecue, grilling means cooking the food over direct heat and only for a short period of time.

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Any type of meat can be prepared as a barbeque or grill; whether it is chicken, beef, or lamb they can all be prepared as a BBQ or Grill, depending on the style they are cooked. If you are in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi or Rawalpindi. Foodpanda has a wide range or restaurants such as Tooso in Karachi, offering special BBQ deals, Tandoori in Islamabad with its Fish, Chicken, Mutton and Beef BBQ, or Terra Cotta in Lahore offering a wide assortment of grills and BBQ’s as starters or main dish with a special mint sauce that will keep you wanting more. Look through the website or dowload the free foodpanda mobile app, select your location, BBQ cuisine and select the restaurant located near you; after a few easy steps, proceed to the easy checkout of your order and Foodpanda will deliver your food directly to your doors.

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