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Pizza lovers in Lahore are spoilt with choices. From the classic Italian pizzas to the American favourites to fusion pizzas, pizza in Lahore means a huge variety of pizza to choose from. What's more, pizza outlets can be easily found in almost all areas of Lahore, and most of them are listed on the foodpanda website. This means that even if you are busy on an office assignment or enjoying your favourite movie at home, you can simply log on to the website or mobile app and order your choice of pizza from your favourite pizzeria. With foodpanda, you can enjoy your freshly baked pizza and other delicacies anywhere. Just enter your address and we'll tell you which of your neighbouring pizza places can deliver to you through foodpanda. Make your choice and simply sit back & relax!

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Foodpanda lets you choose pizza in Lahore from some of the most popular Global pizza chains as well as the local favourites in Lahore. Whether you are a die-hard Domino's fan or swear by Hot Bite Pizza, you can simply order your heart's desire through us. The thin crust pizza from Broadway Pizza is a must try. You should also check out the pizza and burger deals at Perfetto. These are just some of our suggestions. Do browse around our site, and you will find so much more when it comes to pizza in Lahore.

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With foodpanda you don't need to remember all the various phone numbers. Simply log on, select the pizzeria whose pizza you want to eat today and order away! If you are in a mood to enjoy shawarma with your pizza, try Cottage. If some of you want Pizza while others are voting for a paratha roll, why not order both at Pizza Man & Chick Master? Still looking for something to end your meal on a sweet note? Order up from the places that serve desserts in Lahore . With foodpanda you can order your pizza and more, all online in easy steps. So what are you waiting for? Download our app or simply log on to our website, and enjoy the best pizza in Lahore anywhere, anytime.

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