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A taste of Italy in Karachi

If there is one type of food that diners including the most finicky of eaters will give the heads up, it is probably pizza. It is considered a universal food, well-loved by many all over the globe. The Neapolitan pizza, to be exact, which has its origins in Italy is an absolute delight allowing you to add toppings that you fancy. The best thing about it is there are plenty of pizza deals in Karachi that will tempt you from the simple Margherita to the elaborate Quattro Stagione.

The best pizza in Karachi

Karachi is a vibrant city from the colourful rickshaws and traffic snarls to solemn mosques and historic palaces. It has soul and what better way to express the magnificence of the city than by getting together and discover a pizza restaurant in Karachi. Make use of pizza home delivery in Karachi so you can partake a special event with friends or just make everyday a unique one with family. Order online pizza delivery in Karachi to make sure that you don't do anything else other than sharing pizza with others. Try amazing pizza deals in Karachi from these familiar restaurants:

  • Dominos
  • The New York Restaurant
  • Pizza Inc.
  • Broadway Pizza
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Bella Vita
  • 14th Street Pizza Co

Discover the different facets of pizza

Pizza is a dish on its own with simple garnishing such as tomatoes and cheese. You can also opt for different variations as pizzaiolos or pizza makers create new toppings each day, to suit a wide range of palates. In fact, you can put anything on your pizza as you wish from extra onions to fewer olives. A pizza restaurant in Karachi will be happy to oblige with your wishes. Stray from you usual orders and experiment with the following flavours.

  • Pizza Mexican Fajita. A winning combination of spicy hot chicken, fajita, onions and green pepper.
  • BBQ Tikka. Traditional tikka recipe garnished generously with onions and topped with delicious cheese.
  • Italian Chicken. Peppery chicken chunks with olives, handmade tomato sauces, onions and mushrooms. Topped with 2 types of cheese: mozzarella and parmesan.

Keep up with life in the metropolis: order online pizza delivery in Karachi

There are various reasons why you might be skipping meals whether it is a busy schedule at work that won't even allow you to breathe let alone eat or a demanding lifestyle rushing from one place to another to run errands. Equally, there are compelling arguments why there is no need to miss valuable meals that can provide your with nourishment and energy for the day. Simply use foodpanda's marketplace and find awesome pizza deals in Karachi. From fast food to artisanal flatbread, you will find the best pizza in Karachi with just a few clicks of your mouse. Order online pizza delivery in Karachi anytime you feel like having a bite and you never have to ignore the rumblings of your stomach ever again. Dig in heartily and savour the fresh pizza home delivery in Karachi now!

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There is nothing complicated about ordering from a pizza restaurant in Karachi. Log in to foodpanda and shop for the best pizza in Karachi. Once you have identified what you would like to eat, hit the order button, provide details such as name and address and opt for pizza home delivery in Karachi. You can choose to pay for your order on the spot with one of the payment methods proposed by the restaurant or wait till you receive your order. For food on the go, download foodpanda's app so you can send in your pizza orders anywhere, anytime.

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