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For those who like good food, exciting new options are now available in Karachi. Whether you live in Karachi, or are simply enjoying a holiday in the area, culinary delights aplenty are now just a simple online order away. The Karachi food delivery service has enjoyed a culinary renaissance in recent years, with a blossoming of new restaurants and take away eateries on almost every street; in fact, there are now literally hundreds of restaurants in Karachi, and foodpanda.com is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way of locating and ordering from the outlet of your choice. And whether you're in the mood for some comfortably familiar flavours, or fancy sampling some excitingly exotic dish, the meal of your choice is now just a few button clicks away, delivered fresh and piping hot to your door.

Some information about the best restaurants in Karachi

Today's Karachi food delivery service must rank alongside that of any city in the world in terms of sheer vibrancy and variety. Some of the restaurants now doing a thriving Karachi food delivery service are household names, whose specialities are as well-known as their company logos: Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and Nandos, for example. But whatever your mood and personal preferences, there is something to please even the most cosmopolitan of palates among the restaurants of Karachi:

  • Do you fancy fine, high quality food from an upscale, refined eatery? Then you'll love the Mediterranean, Italian fusion cuisine available at Okra restaurant, or Cafe Aylanto.
  • Maybe you're in the mood for a hearty, beach-style barbecue? Kolachi restaurant or BBQ Tonight are ready and willing to oblige.
  • Or perhaps you feel that spice is nice? Saffron or Dumpukht are two of the hottest Indian takeaways in town.
  • And then there is the ultimate in social food, the pizza. Swap slices of this perennial crowd-pleaser with an order from Pompei Italian Restaurant Karachi, or 14th Street Pizza.

Order food delivery online in Karachi - the How & Why

The advantages and pleasures of ordering online from restaurants in Karachi are almost as numerous as the amount of restaurants in Karachi themselves.

First and most obvious is the convenience; Karachi is a busy place, and when dinnertime arrives, the queues outside all those restaurants and takeaways can get pretty long - and you have to get to them first. And whilst ordering over the phone might get around the problem of travel, this method of ordering brings with it its own set of difficulties and inconveniences; you have to sift through menus, you are limited to ordering from those menus you happen to have lying around - and you still have to wait in a telephone queue. Now consider the alternative: to order food delivery online in Karachi.

When you order a meal via an online food ordering platform such as foodpanda.pk, there are no queues of any kind to deal with; you simply switch on your laptop (or, if you utilise foodpanda's free app, your mobile internet access device), and begin ordering your meal. There is no need for any paper menus, since you can browse the available dishes of hundreds of takeaways and restaurants with the simple press of a button.

All the latest meals, all the latest prices and special offers are waiting to be snapped up online. And perhaps the best part is that once you have made your selection, all you need to do is place your order, sit back and wait from the comfort of your couch - knowing that somewhere within sprawling Karachi your meal is being prepared, and that soon you'll hear that eagerly-awaited knock at your door.

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