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Islamabad is the largest city and the capital city of Pakistan, and foodpanda Islamabad has now made it fast, easy, and convenient to order your favourite food for delivery to your doorsteps in Islamabad. Islamabad has grown in an accelerated rate both size and population wise, and this has contributed to creating a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and varied food scene. Starting from its foundation over 6 decades ago, Islamabad has been an attraction for all Pakistanis from all over the country, thus making it one of the most urbanized and multicultural cities in the country. Many international chain restaurants sit alongside smaller, family run establishments, giving inhabitants many dining and home delivery options in Islamabad.

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The city has also proven to be a big tourist attraction; due to its location near the Pothohad Plateau which was home to the ancient Soanian and Aryan civilizations, some remnants from these cultures and civilizations can still be found near the surrounding areas. Food in Islamabad can be split into 14 main categories, each one of these offering a unique and exciting home delivery Islamabad experience. Ranging from westernised chains great to order burger online from, to meaty BBQ restaurants, Chinese food, as well as Sandwich delivery and italian food offering unique tastes in Islamabad.

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With more than 70 restaurants in foodpanda Islamabad, such as KFC Islamabad offering fast food or Dominos Islamabad making pizza delivery their priority, there is no shortage of options. A particularly popular name is 14th Street Pizza Islamabad also offering superb online pizza delivery. Foodpanda home delivery islamabad in partnership with the restaurant is ready to deliver the food of your choice straight to your doorstep, further offering a more convenient method of placing your order via the foodpanda free smartphone app. Whether you do not feel like cooking or have a large number of guests, home delivery in Islamabad by foodpanda will satisfy you with speedy service and delicious tastes.

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