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KFC - Bahria Town Info

Delivery hours
  • Monday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Thursday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Friday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Saturday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Sunday 12:00 - 23:30

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From Rs.30
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About the restaurant
Fortress Stadium & Bahria Town 4pm - 12am Delivery will be closed for Askari 10 at 12 AM. They does not deliver in Katar Band Road

Payment types
Cash On Delivery

Lahore, Lahore

Enjoy crispy chicken with foodpanda and the restaurant KFC Lahore

Since its foundation in 1939, KFC has developed into a real fried chicken legend. With more than 10,000 outlets in the world, KFC has become a globally known name. The KFC Lahore menu offers a wide range of burgers, boxmasters, fried chicken, and sides like rice in spice as well as corn on the cob. Only high quality ingredients are used when creating KFC meals. The most tender meat as well as fresh vegetables make this delivery service a unique experience. Order delicious food online from KFC Pakistan and enjoy a great night of burgers, spicy chicken or fries.

Great fast food delivery for the whole family from KFC Lahore

The KFC Lahore delivery menu offers something for everyone - either young or old. Order a burger or crispy chicken online from the KFC menu and select the meal of your choice. Decide for family feasts including 10 chicken nuggets, 5 dinner roll, 5 regular fries as well as a drink. Or order online one of the delicious chicken meals, including chicken plus fries, burger or hot shots. This delivery service provides such an extensive menu that everyone will make a find. A must try are the various KFC deals especially after a late night at the office or a late night at the movies. Get a burger including a drink for less than Rs. 250.

Save money with KFC Lahore Deals

KFC Lahore regularly offer money saving deals and menus, so make sure to check back often for the latest mind-blowing offers. If you're stumped on what to order, best sellers include for example the box master consisting of a hot tortilla wrap filled with a delicious fillet, cheese, fresh tomatoes as well as a dressing and sauce of your choice. Dinner at KFC Lahore is made for you the way you personally like it. Order food online from KFC in Lahore and select the burger or chicken of your choice. Let your food be delivered right to your doorsteps without any effort. If you don't feel like going out tonight, visit foodpanda online and select your favorite meal from KFC online and let it be delivered right to your doorsteps whereever you are in Lahore.

Reviews of KFC - Bahria Town

  • Food was cooked in bad oil.

  • Ive ordered for the first time and i was given estimated time of 120 mins??!!!! Such a turnoff

  • it was just okay.

  • well service is good but food is not cooked well !

  • It took a very long time to be delivered!

  • Delivery time was just 2:15 hours.

  • Burgers was Cold and full dry without any burger inner souses..

  • The food was not fresh and the oil they used is very bad and chicken is totally cold

  • All good but hotpot should be improved. Food got bit cold.

  • kfc burger meterial is not good

  • Kindly increase the size of zinger burger... as it is in other countries

  • Love it

  • i love this restaurant and fast food alot and i ordered it from foodpanda which helped me alot and saves my time food is really good and fresh whenever i ordered it . Love this site and i'm looking forward to see it going vast.

  • Excellent delivery timming n zabardast food

  • Food was great and it is so convenient to order with Foodpanda

  • My past 3 or 4 experiences have been great the food was hot and was very fresh. The delivery was so fast. It only took them 30 mins for them to deliver my order. Kfc has improved as well as foodpanda.

  • Nice customer dealing, well prepaid food, quick service, nice environment.

  • Wasn't spicy enough.

  • no

  • was nice service

  • very cold food delivery .....soggy french fires.....forgot the bread rolls promised to send next day and than did not

  • Please improve your delivery process and also our food quality and grades.

  • On time delivery and fresh food

  • I was really happy when i got chicken pieces of my choice :)

  • yes, they didn't bring the correct drink. got me pepsi instead of 7up

  • It's Size was very Small. :(

  • Improve maintaince of ur delivery bikes

  • Next time please deliver the food fresh.

  • zinger burger chicken piece was not tight and crunchy but loose ....so all taste vanished

  • Good service, always on time.

  • No thanks

  • Last night i ordered meal on my birthday.
    I was much excited when i got a beautiful Meroon MUG from KFC.
    Thank you KFC for making my birthday special <3
    Overall it was good experience on foodpanda

  • order not fresh

  • Its really nice

  • 5/5
    Excellent Food.
    Fast Delivery

  • Never rated 5 out of 5. I would like them to maintain the good service they are providing right now.

  • Food arrived wet and out of order.Very disappointed

  • I ordered Mayo fries but when I got my order I found plain fries

  • Very bAd

  • It was delicious & superb .

  • quality was very low, but then i should have expected it because of low price deal

  • The food was delivered on time and the food was good overall

  • An hour and forty minutes for KFC delivery..

  • 1 Mighty Zinger+fries+Pepsi
    A rewarding experience. A hearty meal that is neither bore nor too spicy and just the right quantity.

  • Excellent!

  • Promised delivery times should be adhered to.

  • Order came after 3 hours

  • Food should be hot when it's delivered

  • You have a great deal in 690!

  • 5

  • 4

  • Totally fresh and arrived HOT as liked. Much appreciated.

  • 5

  • The food arrive after 2 hours :(

  • I want it delivered on exact 7:00PM not 30 minutes before 7:00PM. Anyways, rest was good.

  • Chicken pieces in deal were not up 2 mark.they were very oily n had boiled taste..kindly look into quality

  • Good but little late delivery

  • Fries were not hot. And no thigh piece as I ordered:-(

  • Kindly supply the ketch up and Napkins with ur order next time u.deliever.

  • stale food

  • The food arrived after one and a half hours.

  • Was on time.
    No issue with the order.
    Got email and text of confirmation as expected.

  • Mentioned souce was missing in the deal

  • Quick service. Hot food. KFC is back!

  • Wonderlandful ;)

  • kfc has a very poor service.

  • please follow the order properly.

  • food was fresh and excellant!

  • Delivery was late .should be fast service

  • They do not deliver food in my area, whereas, other better restaurants do. They should upgrade their service.

  • Always on time and fresh . And thanks to FOODPANDA I don't have to shout at the KFC staff while giving my order.

  • KFC chicken is always amazing and yummy!

  • the Delivery was on time but the food was not cooked well.

  • Worst experience i ever had with KFC.......food was not tasty.....food was like pick up from some third class shop....chicken wasn't cooked well.....soo much disappointed.

  • The food reached on time but it was cold.

  • Ordered Double Decker Burger yesterday. It was not tasty. Chicken was not well cooked and was very dry instead of being soft and juicy. I prefer other restaurants over it! :\

  • The quality of KFC has improved overtime.
    The food quality, quantity and cheap was just fabulous.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Satisfied

  • V.Good and Speedy service and food.

  • the ordered food was not fresh and zingers were having the fillet of a value burger.

  • Food is not fresh.

  • Too fukin bad :@
    35 min eta and still no response from KFC
    Screw YOu

  • cold delivery with very poor quality fries ...

  • Delivered on time!

  • My real review number is negative 5 stars. I waited an hour and a half for the food, the food arrived cold and soggy because of the condensation, they did not upsize my order which I paid for, the chicken was pink and the didn't give enough. This was the first and last time I ever order from KFC again.

  • not bad BUT late delevery ...

  • poor delivery time, had to wait an hour and half after placing the order. The sandwich was cold with water mixed in it due to the steam, fries became soggy. Placed an upsize order, payed for upsize but didn't recieve the upsized fries nor pepsi.

  • Toooooooo bad. Not delivered in time. Not following the order which i placed.

  • The service is great and so is the food but sometimes around 30% of the time the fries can become soggy.

  • Best food on Time delivery

  • Delivery was only 10 mins late so not bad...Zinger was nice & hot but the fries were soggy. Also the twister deal includes a drink but I did not receive it.

  • KFC is the best among all fast food chains. Super quick delivery under 30 minutes, not a single restaurant in DHA, Lahore delivers faster than them, sometimes they deliver in less than 10 minutes and mostly under 20. Food is hot and fresh and as always excellent taste. My favorite is Zinger WOW Meal and Mighty Zinger.

  • Efficient delivery

    delicious food

    Reasonable prices

  • i wasn't expecting it that good previously. Had my first try and no regrets (Y).

  • It was very good. I was not expecting delivery food will be that good. Keep up the good work (Y)

  • KFC is normally good BUT when i order at home, the burgers are OFTEN RAW. The chicken is pink and not cooked properly. They really need to work on this.

  • Yummmyyyy burgers, worth trying it! delivery was quick and the food was hot...

  • zingggerss

  • poor sevice..took 1 hour and 20 minutes for just 1 zinger burger delivery p.s the food wasnt freshly prepared

  • It was fine

  • awesome

  • its true that KFC is a good meal to have at odd times but the delivery time is so poor that it just destroys the fun out ov everythingl last night i otdered at 12:08 and got the order that 1:30. but still nice frying

  • excellent service..!! on time and awesome deal on weekend :)

  • Really bad delivery system in Lahore, it reach after 1:30 hours

  • Food was great - freshly made - only issue was the 45-50min wait for it!

  • it was on time... it was yummy but the burger got a little out of its place... otherwise it was awesome :)
    thank you foodpanda
    Love you


  • Very Bad services I place order at 10,O clock and Now 11 :40 On the Clock No sign of there Deliver is appear
    Improve Your services Bcause Customer Is Your Money In pocket

  • I liked it.

  • Yesterday an order for BoxMaster was placed. The Box had tasty Chicken & Salad. Instead of Roti if Pita Bread was used to wrap-up the contents, this would make a big difference. Pls do try. Thanks.
    Tahir A. Butt.

  • Really bad my friend has a throat rash after eating your box master

  • It can do better.

  • Food was stale and it took them more then an hour to deliver. The service wasbreally sucky

  • the food was good but poor delivery timing. and that disappointed me.

  • Quality has declined lately. Most of the delivered food is cold so they should make the delivery system a bit better.

  • I think you should not upsize your meal because the drink they deliver is just the normal when even you have upgraded it with upsize. My delivery was 10 minutes late but it is ok. Taste and quality is always good u already know.

  • KFC Taste much better in karachi...quality is very bad

  • Excellent

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