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Ordering Pizza from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Everyone loves a pizza. The classic Italian dish has spread from its humble beginnings in Naples to stretch across the world. Whilst the classic Margherita, with its sumptuous mozzarella and rich tomato sauce, remains the world's favourite, pizza now comes with a world of toppings. Whatever your taste, there's a pizza topping to suit you. Nothing else quite hits the spot for a satisfying slice of flavour.

Pizza in Rawalpindi, a world of choice

Rawalpindi is well served for high quality pizzerias, all of them offering pizza delivery, so if you're stuck at your desk for lunch, or don't feel like leaving the house tonight, it's the perfect option. From family run independents to leading chains like pizza hut, or order online with foodpanda and, before you know it, a piping hot pizza will be there for the taking.

The Best Pizza near you

So where should you get your online pizza? Well, the choice is dizzying. From standard international classics like Hawaiian and Margherita, to local favourites like Chicken Achar, we've got it all. If you like your pizzas thin and crispy, then the New Yorker Pizza serves traditional pies often with a local twist. Or try the Special Kabab Crust Pizza from Al Sofra for something a little different. Pizzeria 360 lets you make your own, or you can order online from that giant of the industry, pizza hut.

Fast, convenient and efficient

The great thing about ordering inline with foodpanda is the convenience, but another big plus is the speed and efficiency with which your food will arrive. These pizzerias try their hardest to get your pizza to you as fast as possible, so you can enjoy it while it's still just made, it's a great way to eat fresh. Not only that, but if you place your order online through foodpanda, then you instantly have access to a host of exclusive deals and special offers. We've worked in partnership with these restaurants to help keep prices and delivery fees, so you can enjoy your pizza without breaking the bank.There's no reason not to order your pizza online from foodpanda, happy eating!

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