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Pizza is cherished as one of the classy cuisines globally. Pizza is a flat yeasted bread initially topped with cheese, tomato sauce, meat condiments and vegetables which you can’t help salivating at its glance. Whether a resident or a foreigner in Punjab, you will find pizza an irresistible cuisine in this area. You may choose from a variety of tastes available depending on your preference because each nationality has its brand of pizza. However, you won’t come to any harm if you try out different flavours available in this city.

Pizza Delivery Made Easy

Check out the different types of pizza offered in this city. Sink your teeth into the Chicken Pepperoni pizza, a simple combination of bread and chicken. You can also sample out the Chicken Tikka Pizza consisting of onions tikka. You may also love the Chicken Fajita Pizza which has a topping of mozzarella cheese and green pepper. Also taste New York Special pizza which combines fajita, chicken tikka, chicken sausages and seekh kabab. For a complete pizza meal, order for the sidelines which include cheese bread slices, garlic bread, BBQ Chicken wings, potato wedges, and New Yorker spuds. Get sauces and other additives to complement your pizza meal.

The Best Pizza Restaurants in Lahore

  • Cosa Nostra: this restaurant specializes in Italian pizza ideal for vegetarians. Explore the Gluten options. Grab pizza deals that are rare in the city at discounted rates. The accompaniments are a wonderful match. Order online with foodpanda for pizza delivery if you are indoor.
  • The Pantry: pick the European options of pizza with numerous vegan options. Get pizza deals like no other appropriate for your medical restrictions.
  • Pizza Hut: visit this eatery at several branches in Lahore for your pizza varieties and take-away. Make an order online, and foodpanda will deliver to your doorstep.
  • Cafe Barbera: enjoy the Italian blends and local flavours. Get the orientation into the world of pizza with great tastes here.
  • Tuscany Courtyard: this is a must stop for pizza deals you desire. The salads and pudding are pleasant.
The cuisine is not only affordable but also quite nutritious. Do you want to go out for lunch with buddies or family? Consider pizza for your table. If your office schedule is tight, just download the foodpanda app and keep in touch with pizza restaurants in the city.

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