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Delicious, varied, easy and great for sharing, Pizza is one of the best fast foods there is! Originally from Italy, a pizza should be a thin base of delicious dough, with tomato sauce, olive oil and mozzarella cheese. Maybe some basil leaves, maybe some garlic, but that was it back in the days when it was first eaten! However, now this well-loved dish has many recipe variations! Perhaps you love yours Marinara style with seafood and garlic? That's available in Karachi for sure, and lots more other styles all available to order online too. from regular places like Broadway Pizza, to more typical Italian places. Deep pan, Chicago style, folded, cheese crust or thin and crispy! Whatever your passion it's available in Karachi, so for all that's great in pizzas check out the suggestions below.

Order online for whatever pizza topping you like

So how about a classic pepperoni pizza for a night in watching Tv from Pizza favourite, 'Broadway Pizza'? Or perhaps a selection of toppings like pineapple and peppers for a party between friends? There are so many options available for pizza delivery, so check out a few ideas below:

  • ✓ At 'Golden Bite Pizza' they have spicy Mexican style pizza, try, 'Chicken Fajitas' with just a touch of spice!
  • ✓ At, 'Pizza Crust', they have delicious stuffed crust pizzas - Try the 'Creamy Crust' which has cream sauce and mushrooms. Delicious!
  • ✓ Try, 'O My Pizza', whose order online pizza delivery has a 'Cheezy Pizza burger', which has to be the most indulgent fast food ever invented.

Find the Best Pizza Places in Karachi

The great thing about foodpanda is the flexibility. You're hungry at 10 pm, you can order then, or whenever the restaurants like Broadway Pizza are open. Also, you'll always be given snappy, top-level service! So whether it's Pizza for late night hunger attacks, or a pizza for Sunday brunch, foodpanda works.

Pizza delivery wherever you are

Foodpanda also deliver to a very wide area of the city, so if you're at your family's place, or at work, or with friends, it's all ok, just let foodpanda know and we will deliver.

Feel like something different? Maybe Fast Food or Chinese food? Maybe a Cake? Find all your favourite different cuisines and dishes in Karachi with foodpanda.

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