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Pakistani dishes feature wheat, paddy, and spices which the natives produce in large quantities. The spices include cinnamon, chilies, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, ginger, and masala. Chicken, beef, bacon, and mutton provide the sumptuous high-protein meals. For vitamins, Lettuce, lentils, tomatoes and green vegetables suffice. Yoghurt is a great refreshment. The cooking style and serving combinations result in visually impressive meals typical of the culture of Pakistan.

The best meals in Rawalpindi

Aloo Gosht is a top cuisine that consists of mutton, potatoes, and leaves of coriander; flavoured with ginger, garlic and cinnamon. Take this tasty stew of rice. Chapli Kebab is a famous blend of minced meat, parsley, onions, and tomatoes; served with pickles or salads. If you are a vegan, go for Sai Bhaji, a dish of seasonal vegetables such as gongura, spinach, fenugreek leaves, lentils and spices (coriander, chili powder, and turmeric). Pick Aloo Tikki for a snack and gobble the golden brown, deep fried potato cutlets, with sauce or pickles. Ask for Nihari and enjoy this amazing beef or mutton stew of bone marrow flavoured with garam masala, ginger, coriander, and lemon. Chicken Karahi gives you spicy tastes and fits well with Biryani. Kadhi and Naan will also entice you.

The best Pakistani dishes to crave for

Haleem, a spicy meat stew, is a special choice for the religious festivals. You cannot avoid Beef Kofta due to its savory taste. Stimulate your appetite with Kheema which is spicy minced meat. Every customer wants Chicken Korma owing to the khorma spices and yogurt. Weddings and festivities do not miss Paya because people love these goat or sheep trotters. Seviyaan is the other delicacy for the celebration season. Biriyani remains a treasured signature. Biriyani comprises of beef, chicken or mutton prepared alongside rice and spices. Saffron, cardamom and other spices enhance the aroma. You also need Jalebi dessert. However, this list is not exhaustive. Order online for Pakistani food delivery in Rawalpindi at foodpanda. The services are fast, and the mode of payment is secure.

Pakistani restaurants serving your favourite dishes

  • Chillies Restaurant: The best place to have your lunch and dinner as it offers all kinds of meats, ranging from chicken to beef
  • Bar B Q Tonight: You can wash down your favourite meals with a drink or two here
  • The Monal Restaurant: Visit this restaurant for a variety of tasty dishes
  • Fresco Food Lounge: Order exciting cuisines from this eatery
  • Hot N Spicy Hut: Tag along family and friends for a great culinary experience here
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