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Order online for Pakistani food delivery in Karachi and experience all the treats of this cuisine of the sub-continent. Pakistani food is rich in tradition and the menu is full of diverse dishes with a distinct influence of the cuisine of India, Iran and Afghanistan. The classic biryani is a creation of layers of aromatic rice, vegetables, chicken or meat and a mix of spices and herbs all seasoned with onion rings and nuts. Food and bread cooked in the tandoor oven are a speciality of this cuisine. So be sure to add naan or roti along with delicious curries when you order online for your Pakistani food delivery in Karachi.

Karachi offers one of the best food options

If you are looking for a Pakistani food delivery in Karachi, then there is a long list of restaurants offering a varied menu, including Kashif Foods, Rice Station, Amna Biryani, Premier Biryani and more. You could browse the menu of ‘Student Biryani’ to choose from Biryanis, Tandoori Parathas, dessert and more. Their deal meals are largely popular with choices of biryanis, salad, fried snacks, kababs and drinks. Are you in a party mood? Then the menu of Amna’s Biryani may seem ideal with their Single Biryani and Double Biryani Packages for a group of 4-8 people. Our top picks include:

  • Kababjees: one of the most famous Pakistani Food restaraunts in the country, find everything from Biryanis to Tandoor at Kababjees.
  • The White Biryani: find the tastiest Biryanis in the city at Karachi's premier Biryani restaraunt.
  • Student Biryani: a nationally known restaraunt, Student Biryani has long been famous for its good meals and competitive prices.

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Simple and convenient food delivery

As a local you may relish Pakistani food delivery with its filling biryanis and bread. All love the famous Haleem, a signature dish that is cooked with a mix of meat, pulses and spices. Complete your order of Pakistani food delivery by selecting tempting desserts such as Kheer, Zarda or Halva from the menu. Just select the restaurant delivering to your area and order online for the most satisfying meal delivered at your doorstep.

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After a busy day at work, you must be craving for a tasty meal at your table. We’ve made this true at foodpanda, a food ordering website with a long list of restaurants that offer Pakistani food delivery in Karachi. Order lunch at work or order online for a late-night delivery to your home. Pakistani food has always been popular with the locals and visitors alike. In addition we also offer other kinds of cuisines from the best restaurants in your neighbourhood. Order online now for a quick Pakistani food delivery with foodpanda and enjoy a relaxing dining experience!

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