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Every person embraces their culture both at home and abroad, and this applies to food too. Typical Pakistani meals in this city include the indigenous biryani, chicken, samosa, beef, mutton, fish, and chapati. You can also order for vegetables such as mustard leaves, lentils, coriander, chilies, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cabbage, peas, Asian roots, almonds, and green varieties. Salads and spices are fantastic, and the drinks complete the equation.

Pakistani meals you cannot afford to miss

Going Pakistani means you need to taste the local dishes. You can subscribe to Pakistani food delivery services on foodpanda website. Dhal, lentil stew flavoured with cinnamon, garlic, paprika, ginger, curry, and coriander are at the heart of every meal. Nashta is the Pakistani breakfast comprising of sheermal with lassi, eggs (scrambled/omelette/boiled/fried), qeema, parathas, bananas, melons, shami kebab, margarine, and milk. Halwa Puri is also excellent for breakfast. Halwa is a drink from suji flour and sugar while Puri is from gram flour. You also need to sample out Chicken Karahi whenever you are in the city. Raita is a familiar mixture of yogurt and salad. Lick your lips after eating delicious samosas. Take Lassi (yogurt) sweet for breakfast and Lassi salty for lunch and dinner.

The Best Kebabs near you

Biryani (rice & meat) is the signature meal for the Pakistani, and it comes in varieties such as Sindhi Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Tikka Biryani and so on. Pick Kebabs and Naans as your additives. Varieties of kebab include Seek kebab, Tikka kebab, Gola kebab, and Shami kebab among others. Naans also vary such as Keema Nan, Roghni Naan, and Aloo Naan. Haleem and Hareesa combine many ingredients including rice, lentils, and meat served with Naan. Finally, Seiji and Dumpakht are great cuisines purely from beef, mutton or chicken. You can rely on foodpanda and order online for Pakistani food delivery.

Order online through foodpanda from these restaurants

  • Khiva Revolving Restaurant: This is the hub of the Pakistani, the Asian, Chinese and International cuisine in a serene environment.
  • Qishmisch: Order online for your choice Desi bites. Pakistani cuisines are tongue-tickling among all the other regional dishes.
  • The Monal Restaurant: Get vegan options, Halal and authentic Pakistani stuff that you like.
  • Savour Foods: Describe your native dish, and foodpanda will deliver it.
  • Khoka Khola: Get all Middle Eastern variants and vegetarian dishes here.
Dare the Pakistani delicacies in Islamabad and embrace the tastes. Place your order indicating your location and delivery time and consider it done.

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