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Italy is a country full of romance and a generous attitude to food. They love to feed people and entertain them, and this is reflected in their wonderful cuisine. It is a sophisticated cuisine, which has dishes of all kinds. The north of Italy is great for creamy risottos and wonderful sausages and salamis. Meanwhile, the south has a great range of Pizza, the national fast food dish, and Rome has some wonderful pasta dishes. Surrounded on three sides by water, Italy also has some good seafood and fish dishes, and has delicious ice cream and desserts like 'Tiramisu'. This is made of coffee, liqueur, cream and sponges and is just a wonderful dinner party option.

Italian food delivery of pasta in Karachi and lot of other choices

Try the meat and fish dishes too, as well as the pasta dishes, and you won't be disappointed. Also, there is the worlds favourite fast food, Pizza! So, to order pizza online and plenty of other Italian delicacies see below:

  • ✓ At, 'Pizza Street', they have good American style pizzas, try, 'Super Superimo' for a Friday night treat.
  • ✓ At 'Cafe Koel,' try the 'Alfredo with Blackened chicken' which is a pasta dish made with creamy sauce and grilled, spicy chicken.
  • ✓ Try the classic, 'Arrabiata Pasta', at, 'Espresso - Shahbaz' a cafe which is great for lunchtime eating

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