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The city of Rawalpindi, or as it is commonly known as Pindi is a city in the Pinjab region of Pakistan. But we still love our burgers here and we create a delicious product.

The Trusted Old Favourite - McDonald's Fast Food

Many people think so, their McDonald's is centrally located throughout the city and its outskirts, there is a McDonald's in the Ayub National Park for instance. Many Western kids prefer the McD burger to the spicier Eastern foods. And who can blame them?

Always A Popular Alternative - Burger King

Although there is only one Burger King in Rawalpindi it doesn't mean that these type of burgers aren't popular. The special way that BK prepare their spicy beef burger and tender grill chicken burger makes people cry out for more. Burger King Pakistan have their own website so you can check out what their menu is at speed. Alternatively you can look on our own website.

Why Not Try OPTP? A New Way to Receive Your Burger?

Although OPTP might be relatively unknown to tourists and although many people may associate them with their fries, they also do a range of beef burgers and chicken burgers, which have a more individualistic look than the other fast food outlets. Their use of flavours has a great appeal in Pindi, as well as the rest of Pakistan.

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From foodpanda you can get a delicious burger meal in seconds. You can find which restaurants are in your area quickly and order online securely and safely. We can ensure that the burgers delivery will be fresh and made of the finest ingredients. By searching out foodpanda you needn't have to search out individual websites or phone specific restaurants. We do the hard work for you. We take all the effort out. Whether succulent or spicy and from whichever fast food restaurant, foodpanda have the right burger for you in minutes. Pindi is only one of many cities that we operate in. Once you order a burger through our website you'll wonder how you ever managed without us. Try us today.

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