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Ordering Burgers from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Comprising of a choice patty attached to pieces of a bun, scone or bread, a burger makes for a very nutritious meal. You probably know that McDonald's invented the burger and popularized it in their outlets. The patty consists of meat, spices, and sauce. If you are in Islamabad, you will have no trouble getting a regular supply of burgers because many restaurants have them on their menus. You can even order online and have foodpanda deliver them to your doorstep.

Enjoy different flavours of burgers in Islamabad

You may not exhaust burger dishes, but some of these types will be a big treat. If you are a vegetarian, you will delight in the Philly cheesesteak. The Jalapeno cheeseburger introduces you to more tantalizing flavours. You may also try out the Mexican beef burger even if you have never been anywhere near Mexico. You don’t want to miss the chicken sandwiches which are so tasty that you may want to carry a package home for dinner. You can finally crown your meal with a dessert or two. Remember foodpanda is the service provider you can trust for burgers delivery within the city and other cities. Check for the latest deals online and make an order.

Top restaurants offering burgers near you

  • Howdy: get mouthwatering burgers of beef, chicken or cheese in this famous restaurant. The sauce smoothens your throat to swallow more and more chunks of juicy burgers as you enjoy entertainment on television and live sporting events. Order online with foodpanda for great deals.
  • Hardee’s: get value for your money and keep the taste buds busy exploring the variants of the burger. Combine cuisine sensations with luxury in a relaxed environment.
  • Texas steakhouse: the beef steaks make the burger awesome giving you enough calories to carry on with your errands. Grab the available offers and after sale services.
  • Roasters Coffee House & Grill: you cannot have the drinks before biting the tasty burgers that draw your attention. You will enjoy rare deals during holidays and regular friendly prices.
  • Café Zhivago: the tangy cheese will melt inside your mouth refreshing you after the hustles of the day. Order online for a takeaway by foodpanda at your abode. Watch out for seasonal offers.
Burgers top the list of the most interesting cuisines you can find in this city. Sample the variety of tastes on your day out and also make a deal for indoor Burger King supply to keep you acquainted with the dynamics.

Feel like something different? Maybe Fast Food or Pizza? How about Chinese food? Find all your favourite different cuisines and dishes in Islamabad with foodpanda.

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