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The iconic city of the pothohar region takes pride in its history, the valour of its native pothoharis, and the roots connected to the famous Rawal-Sammi folklore. Rawalpindi, the magnificent host to Punjabis, Pakhtoons and Kashmiris, has in recent years been experiencing an upsurge in American cuisine.foodpanda prides itself on serving the city’s population by providing a fast, reliable, economical, and efficient Pakistani and American food delivery system. Whether you want to enjoy something from KFC or you want to taste OPTP's delicious dishes, feel free to sign up for foodpanda and place your order online. Whatever you want, wherever you want it, and whenever you want, that's our motto!

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Before foodpanda, it was a tough ask to order food and get it home delivered because it required the vendor to factor things such as distance from the restaurant, fuel cost, and the cost of hiring a delivery person. Now, you can put all your worries to rest. Thanks to foodpanda, you can order whatever you want from a select choice of vendors and be sure that it'll get to you on time. foodpanda makes things simple and easy by offering scores of options including Pakistani and American food delivery. The service only requires you to:

  • • Select your city
  • • Signup with foodpanda
  • • Browse through scores of restaurants offering fast food, local regional cuisine, American food, Italian food, and Chinese food etc.
  • • Browse through dishes and deals
  • • Make a selection/check prices
  • • Confirm your order online

Top American Restaurants near you

Rawalpindi features no shortage of cuisine options and during the last couple of decades, scores of chains from Lahore and other regions reached the city and won the hearts of the natives. As far as the American Cuisine is concerned, foodpanda takes pride in offering food delivery from: KFC: Perhaps the most beloved American takeaway, this is the perfect place to enjoy/order American food. It’s not always about price and time, sometimes it’s wiser to opt for prestige, delicacy, and delight. OPTP: If you're looking for the best tasting prawn and fish recipes served with fresh French fries, then look no further than One Potato Two Potato. McCafe Pizza & Burger: Nothing says comfort food quite like McCafe Pizza & Burger. After a long day at work, why worry about cooking when you can simply order in? For all your American cuisine cravings, don't hesitate to place an order through foodpanda. Let us serve you 24/7.

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