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Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city and the capital of Punjab province, is home to over seven million people and to thousands of years of rich history and culture. Due to the world renowned historic garden in and around the whole city, Lahore is often referred to as the Mughal City of Garden. The provincial capital is also home of a sumptuous variety of local Punjabi and Mughali cuisines steeped in time-tested traditional cooking methods.

Considered as a culinary Mecca of Pakistan, the food legacy of the city is almost equally popular as its renowned Mughal architecture and monuments. Thanks to the numerous ethnically diverse communities in the region, you can treat yourself to diverse dishes, ranging from authentic local flavours to exotic Arabian cuisines to definitive Karachi dishes to famous fast food varieties. Whether you are planning to indulge in street food, experience a sophisticated dining with your special someone, or enjoy casual hangout with friends, restaurants in Lahore are going to leave you spoilt for choice. Like to treat yourself to a lavish meals in Awan Town? Looking for a quick breakfast before you head out to your office in Gawalmandi?

Prefer to munch on to something to keep yourself awake in the night while pursuing your education in Johar Town? Well, now you can find the best restaurants in Lahore serving at your doorsteps via foodpanda's super-fast online food delivery in Lahore.

10 fantastic restaurants in Lahore to visit before you die!

Although the city bursts with numerous dining options, these 10 restaurants in Lahore have conquered the taste buds of the local folks and have earned a special place in their hearts by serving amazing food that would please anyone!

  • Cosa Nostra: recommended for its fine dining experiences, pizzerias, and desserts
  • ✓ Andaaz: a must-visit for seafood lovers
  • ✓ Pompei: for all those who long for authentic Karachi food
  • Mouthful: a favourite among health-conscious foodies
  • ✓ Bundu Khan: desi food at its best – do not miss their famous mutton chops
  • ✓ Cafe Aylanto: a contemporary dining restaurant famous for its chili garlic prawns, and main course with classic Moroccan chicken combination
  • ✓ Bashir Dar-ul-Mahi Machee: for soft and succulent fried fishes
  • Tokyo: sushi and Japanese food fans should certainly not give this restaurant a miss
  • Sweet Affairs: your go-to destination for the most heavenly desserts in the city
  • ✓ Cuckoos Den: check out for Tawa Chicken, BBQs, Platters, Paranthas, and Curries

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